Welcome all New & Returning Staff FY 2019/2020

We would like to extend a warm welcome (and welcome back) to all our new and returning staff of Hector Thiboutot Community School FY 2019/2020. We have so many exciting new initiatives and programs for the students in Sandy Bay and we are looking forward to welcome all our students on September 03 2019 (next Tuesday after Labour Day).

In addition to that, we are organizing an informal meet & greet the Teachers session this Thursday afternoon (29 August) from 2pm – 3:30pm. This will be a great opportunity for parents and students to welcome and get to know their teachers for the coming year ahead.

The Staff List are as follows:

Principal                                             RANDY MALLORY               

Vice Principal (Mid & High Sch)     ROSINA RAY

Vice Principal (Elementary Sch)     NATHAN RAY           

Pre-Kindergarten                               JANET SHINKEWSKI

Grade 1A                                            FELICIA RIDEOUT   

Grade 1B                                            MARGARET BEAR               

Grade 2A                                            SHARON LUPICHUK

Grade 2/3                                           ZAINAB AL-SHARIF 

Grade 3A                                            KAREN MORIN

Grade 4A                                            TWILA ROSS

Grade 4B                                            NORMA BEAR

Grade 5A                                            JOSHUA MCINTOSH

Grade 5B                                            BERNARD MACPHEE                                              

Grade 6A                                            JOHN KERSHAW

Grade 6B                                            SHANNON ORR                                                       

Grade 7A                                            TONY BEAR                                      

Grade 7B                                            AYDRIAN POLLARD

Grade 8A                                            DARREL SEIB

Grade 8B                                            BRENDA RUTHERFORD

Grade 9A                                            JOHN POWERS

Grade 9B                                            THOMAS WALL

Science                                              SVITLANA TULCHYNSKA

Math                                                    ERIC LEWIS

English                                               GERTRUDE BEAR

Physical Education                         ROBIN STEWART

PAA                                                    MIKE MACKAY

Literacy Teacher                               CATHY NORMAN

LNC                                                     ROSEANNE BEAR   

Cree                                                    JOSY FAVEL

Resource                                           TRUDY ANN BROWN

Secretary/Librarian                        LISA NATEWEYES

Social Worker                                  LINDA MCKAY & BRENDA MONTGRAND

Student Support Worker              MONA CARIBOU & BEVERLY MCDONALD

Librarian                                            GERALDINE MERASTY

Home/School Coordinator            LORRAINE BEAR

Aboriginal Resource                        PETER RAY  

Educational Assistants                SYLVIA DANIELS

                                                            AMY BEAR

                                                            GLORIA BEAR

                                                            REINA MCCALLUM

                                                            THELMA MCDONALD


                                                         FAYE MORIN

                                                            SAMANTHA NATEWEYES

                                                            ROSE RAY



                                                           CLORISSA MORIN

Last but not least, we would like to wish everyone a fruitful and educational year ahead!