Perfect Attendance Award – Jan & Feb 2019

As part of Hector Thiboutot Community School’s initiative to encourage better attendance in our students, we have been giving out ‘Perfect Attendance Awards’ on a monthly basis since the school year of 2018/19.

“The first step of developing the right skills, knowledge and values in our students — is regular attendance,” says Ms Rosina Ray, Vice-Principal (High School), Hector Thiboutot Community School.

“The Perfect Attendance Awards are started this school year and we are confident that a positive approach like prizes for regular attendance and continued support from parents and members of the community will go a long way in improving the attendance rates of our students,” shares Mr Randy Mallory, Principal, Hector Thiboutot Community School.

Many thanks also to Mr Tony Bear for being the emcee for the award and Ms Rosina Ray for awarding the prizes to our students. We also thank Parents for showing up for the award ceremony and showing their support.

We are very proud to announce the names of the winners of the Perfect Attendance Awards for the months of January and February this year. Congratulations!

January 2019

Grade 1A

  • Jenaya McCallum (Jan & Feb)

Grade 2

  • Tianna Merasty (Jan)
  • Rhett Stewart (Jan)
  • Chanel Bear (Feb)
  • Rosabella Bighetty (Feb)

Grade 4A

  • Miley Bear (Jan & Feb)
  • Carson Watomagan (Feb)

Grade 5A

  • Cadence Morin (Jan & Feb)
  • Kellen Morin (Jan & Feb)
  • Drayanna Ray (Jan & Feb)
  • Jourdain Merasty-Bear (Feb)

Grade 6A

  • Brittany Bear (Jan)
  • Adele Bighetty (Jan & Feb)
  • Jessie Jin (Jan & Feb)

Grade 6B

  • Helena Bear (Jan & Feb)
  • Kip (Jan)
  • Brandon Bear (Feb)

Grade 7A

  • Kenny Bear (Jan)
  • Kylan McDermott (Jan)

Grade 7B

  • Raeanne McCallum (Jan & Feb)

High School

  • Logan Morin (Jan & Feb)
  • Corbin Bear (Jan & Feb)
  • Nathan Ray Jr (Jan)

SaskPower Northern Reading Program – Submission Ends 15 Feb

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On behalf of the Pahkisimon Nuyeʔáh Library System, we are calling out for submissions for the Writing Competition for Short Stories and Poems. Refer to the below for more information.

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