Programs & Services

In Hector Thiboutot School, we are guided by the Northern Lights School Division 113’s vision of “providing enhanced life experiences by developing skills, knowledge, and attitudes within the cultural context of engaged Northern communities”. As such, alongside our adherence to Saskatchewan Provincial School Curriculum, we also have extra programs and services to better cater to the community we are situated in.

Free Breakfast & Hot Lunch Program

To quote Virgina Woolf, “One cannot think well…if one has not dined well”. We believe it is so important to provide ample nutrition to our students to help them in their developmental goals.

In this program run by Lorainne Bear (Community School Coordinator) and Sylvia Daniels (School EA and Dietitian), we provide free breakfast daily and hot lunches (Monday and Tuesdays) to all our students.

Starting the day right with a daily breakfast freshly prepared early in the morning by
Ms Sylvia Daniels (School Dietitian)

Land-based Learning/Culture Camp

After more than seven years of indefatigable planning and collaboration with all our stakeholders, Hector Thiboutot Community School finally has the right infrastructure in place to set up a Culture Camp aimed at Land-based Learning for a complete and ‘culturally-center’ education for all our students.

Every year, during the traditional Cree ‘hunting’ and ‘trapping’ season, we bring our students in batches out to this camp-site (sized at 7.5 hectares) along well-ploughed road to learn traditional field-crafts and be in touch with the Native Traditions and way of life (more pictures to be posted from camp this 2019).

“(With this camp), we are trying to build a stronger focus on land-based education,” shares Peter, the school’s cultural advisor as well as a self-avowed conservationist. He shares that this camp has been seven years in the making with more potential for growth, provided that funds and sponsorship are available. We even have the honour of inviting the Red Cross over for a visit in 2019.

The camp would not have been possible without the efforts of our staff Mr Peter Ray (School Cultural Advisor), Ms Lorraine Bear (Community School Coordinator) and teachers like Ms Twila Ross and more.

Mental Health Capacity Building Program

As part of a collaboration between the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Education, the Mental Health Capacity Building (MHCB) Initiative is launched in Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan.

This initiative aims to provide manpower and resources for an integrated, school-based community mental health promotion and prevention program. Mr Jeremy Morin (Wellness Coordinator) and Ms Mary Merasty (Wellness Promoter) and are looking to partner community partners to facilitate access to early intervention and treatment services for children, youth, and families that are experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing, mental health and addictions related issues.

Jeremy Morin – Wellness Coordinator

Hello, I am Jeremy Morin, and I am the Wellness Coordinator for our school in Sandy Bay- Hector Thiboutot Community School. I am originally from Sandy Bay, and also a graduate of Hector Thiboutot Community School. I have a degree with the University of Saskatchewan,in Northern Studies- Aboriginal Public Administration, which is a combination of social sciences for people in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions and Administration. As the MHCB Wellness Promoter, I am going to run programs for our community, raise awareness, and increase the knowledge of Mental Health in our community for our Youth, Families, and other Community Members. Throughout my life, I’ve always enjoyed running programs and bringing the community together to escape some of our social realities we face here in our community, but to do it now by adding Mental Health to the mix serves even a greater purpose.

Mary Merasty – Wellness Promoter

I am originally from Sandy Bay and a graduate of the Hector Thiboutot Community School. I moved away for school and since then have gained a Diploma in Recreation and Tourism Management and I am close to achieving a Degree in Indigenous Social Work. As the Wellness Promoter I will be working closely with classroom teachers to promote positive mental health and well-being among the children, youth and families of our community through raising awareness and increasing knowledge of mental health. I am so excited to be back home and given the opportunity to work with students, families and community members, I will do the best to my abilities and am always willing to work with others to achieve our goals.