Welcome all New & Returning Staff FY 2019/2020

We would like to extend a warm welcome (and welcome back) to all our new and returning staff of Hector Thiboutot Community School FY 2019/2020. We have so many exciting new initiatives and programs for the students in Sandy Bay and we are looking forward to welcome all our students on September 03 2019 (next Tuesday after Labour Day).

In addition to that, we are organizing an informal meet & greet the Teachers session this Thursday afternoon (29 August) from 2pm – 3:30pm. This will be a great opportunity for parents and students to welcome and get to know their teachers for the coming year ahead.

The Staff List are as follows:

Principal                                             RANDY MALLORY               

Vice Principal (Mid & High Sch)     ROSINA RAY

Vice Principal (Elementary Sch)     NATHAN RAY           

Pre-Kindergarten                               JANET SHINKEWSKI

Grade 1A                                            FELICIA RIDEOUT   

Grade 1B                                            MARGARET BEAR               

Grade 2A                                            SHARON LUPICHUK

Grade 2/3                                           ZAINAB AL-SHARIF 

Grade 3A                                            KAREN MORIN

Grade 4A                                            TWILA ROSS

Grade 4B                                            NORMA BEAR

Grade 5A                                            JOSHUA MCINTOSH

Grade 5B                                            BERNARD MACPHEE                                              

Grade 6A                                            JOHN KERSHAW

Grade 6B                                            SHANNON ORR                                                       

Grade 7A                                            TONY BEAR                                      

Grade 7B                                            AYDRIAN POLLARD

Grade 8A                                            DARREL SEIB

Grade 8B                                            BRENDA RUTHERFORD

Grade 9A                                            JOHN POWERS

Grade 9B                                            THOMAS WALL

Science                                              SVITLANA TULCHYNSKA

Math                                                    ERIC LEWIS

English                                               GERTRUDE BEAR

Physical Education                         ROBIN STEWART

PAA                                                    MIKE MACKAY

Literacy Teacher                               CATHY NORMAN

LNC                                                     ROSEANNE BEAR   

Cree                                                    JOSY FAVEL

Resource                                           TRUDY ANN BROWN

Secretary/Librarian                        LISA NATEWEYES

Social Worker                                  LINDA MCKAY & BRENDA MONTGRAND

Student Support Worker              MONA CARIBOU & BEVERLY MCDONALD

Librarian                                            GERALDINE MERASTY

Home/School Coordinator            LORRAINE BEAR

Aboriginal Resource                        PETER RAY  

Educational Assistants                SYLVIA DANIELS

                                                            AMY BEAR

                                                            GLORIA BEAR

                                                            REINA MCCALLUM

                                                            THELMA MCDONALD


                                                         FAYE MORIN

                                                            SAMANTHA NATEWEYES

                                                            ROSE RAY



                                                           CLORISSA MORIN

Last but not least, we would like to wish everyone a fruitful and educational year ahead!

Welcome Back to School 2019/2020

Hi Students and Parents, we trust that everyone has had a great summer so far. Here in Hector Thiboutot Community School, part of Northern Lights School Division 113, we bid you a hearty welcome back to another wonderful school year with us. High School Registration will be on the afternoons of August 29 & 30, 2019. And do remember that the first day of school will be on September 03, 2019.

Do also remember the school supply list here.

For more information, please feel free to call us at (306)754-2139. We will do our best to help you. We look forward to seeing you when the school reopens.

Literacy Carnival – 2019

On April 12, 2019, Hector Thiboutot Community School organized a full day Literacy Carnival for the elementary and middle schools.

“The event is created to engage students in language literacy in a fun and light-hearted way. It is great to show students how to have fun while learning. It is also an important life-skill as well in so many other areas of life,” says Ms Hillary Patey, Literacy and Numeracy Co-ordinator and also one of the main organizers for this event.

Event preparation took place more than a day ago with artwork and set up of booths by the staff as well as a grand total of 15 cakes specially baked and iced for the ‘cake-walk’ event. There was a ‘kissing’ booth (with Hershey’s Kisses – a chocolate confectionery) and a popcorn counter right in the main aisle of the school, classes dedicated as learning centers with hockey, hop-scotch and ping-pong ball games. Even the entire gymnasium was converted to a ‘carnival fairground’ with ‘bingo’ counters, hockey shoot-outs, basket ball courts and a corner devoted to a cake-walk/spelling bee hybrid.

Parents were invited to come along for the event to join hands with the school in encouraging literacy development in their children. We are happy to say more than the expected number of parents have shown up for this carnival.

“This is a good chance to inspire students to master literacy in a different environment — in an interactive way outside the confines of the classrooms. In this way, we hope to engage and motivate even more students in this area of education,” shares Ms Rose Ann Bear, Literacy and Numeracy Co-ordinator and also another main organizer for the carnival.

“Literacy is the backbone of further education and is such an important skill in almost every occupation. We will always continue to support every opportunity, such as this carnival, to ensure our students have the relevant skills and qualifications for gainful employment in the future,” says Mr Nathan Ray, Vice-Principal (Elementary School).

“This is also a good chance to see students, teachers, staff & parents partner together to help students become better in every aspect of education. We look forward to more such collaboration,” adds Mr Randy Mallory, Principal.

Watch some videos of the carnival here:

3A taking part in a Hopscotch – Word Puzzle
Cake-walk & Spelling Bee Hybrid Game in the Gymnasium

Live Different – Comes to Sandy Bay

On 25-26 March, the Live Different Team came to Sandy Bay for 2 days of live performance to share tales of healing, love, and thriving in spite of trauma – and ultimately, growth. These they did with performance arts like rapping and music. The group consists of Dua Hamed (also the Team Leader), Jaylene Delorme, Christian Tagoona, Corbin Grieves, Sharissa Thomas & Brittany Gillespie.

Here are some pictures of their performances:

Hector Thiboutot Community School has taken the opportunity to catch up with them to share a few words. In this way, even more students can learn of their stories and be inspired to Live (Life) Different even if they weren’t able to attend the performances.

HTCS: First of all, can you tell us what is Live Different about?

Dua: Live different is an attitude towards all that life has to offer. We opt to see life from a lens of positivity, determination & compassion. We strive to do and be better. The second part to all of this is the willingness to be of service in spreading this message to anyone that crosses your path. Like Ghandi said “my life is my message.”

Christian: Live Different means opening the door to positive change because in order to change your life for the better.. You need to live different. In terms of kindness I want to share how giving a small act of kindness can change somebodies whole day so if somebody shared an act of kindness every day that opens the door to life changing for the better.

HTCS: How do you feel about performing here in Sandy Bay?

Dua: We got to know of Sandy Bay through Live Different and [performing here] was so so so special! The youth were happy to have us, they loved the messages we were sharing and made sure we heard it directly from them.

Corbin: I felt great [performing in Sandy Bay]. The crowds here have always been hype and almost everyone came out to our concert!

HTCS: Some of your messages were about ‘Kindness’ and ‘Healing’. Can you share with us a bit more about what ‘kindness’ and ‘healing’ means to you?


Brittany: No matter what your going through always remember to be kind. You never know how a small act of kindness can change someone’s day even your own

Sharissa: Kindness… Oh how it’s changed so much things for me, and as well as it could for you! You see, when you’re able to do something kind for someone it changes their day, who even knows maybe even their own life! So whenever you get the chance to be kind to someone do it. Always be kind!


Dua: Choose to walk the path of continual healing for yourself first. It always starts with yourself. Begin to create a toolkit of what works to bring you peace. Is it nature, a bubble bath, talking to a friend, singing, dancing or journaling? You have access to your toolkit whenever you desire. Remember to be gentle with yourself, have patience & humble yourself to ask for help.

Christian: We need to open the doors to healing through opening up, finding something that you can relate to to realize that you can overcome whatever you face.

HTCS: Thank you. We understand that everyone in your team has a compelling story. Can we can get a brief account of some of yours to share with everyone – especially those who unfortunately weren’t able to come for the performance?

Christian: I don’t have a story for any student in particular but if I can share one thing it would be that some times we get so caught up in where we are that we begin to forget where we’re going and forget our purpose. You weren’t born accidentally, there is a place for everybody in this world and growing up, finding something we’re passionate about is you finding your place so I encourage you to keep pushing for it because not only will it change your life but it will change the lives of many others that you meet in your life.

Jaylene: I had always felt [in the past] like my history, my addiction and abuse defined me, and that my future wasn’t going to go anywhere.

When I stopped believing that lie, not only was I able to stay off my addictions, but I was able to start taking small steps in a positive direction. I started off by applying for a different conferences and events for good causes. I remember getting my acceptance letter for my first conference with an initiative called “Daughters of the Vote”, and when I showed up, I was blown away that these people, who knew my history, would give me a chance.

Their kindness inspired me to do more…If you feel hopeless or stuck, I want you to know that there is purpose in your story, and that you don’t have to be anybody to be somebody.

HTCS: Thank you. We all know that growing up can be a painful experience. Do you have any words to share as well as any words of encouragement for any of our students reading this?

Sharissa: [Growing up] is a lot of work! I’m only 18 and I’m still working on it, myself. It’s being your own hype man that will help you honestly. Being able to tell yourself ‘you can do it! It’ll be worth it in the end!’ Things like that always help on the daily basis. The things in life that aren’t going well for you, will change. It may not be visible now but just wait and see!

Love yourself and always be thankful for each day and don’t take it for granted! Always work hard, because it truly does pay off in the end! I almost didn’t graduate due to the things I was into, but one day I just decided that I wanted to get my diploma, I wanted to be able to walk across the stage and be proud of myself because I did it! And so can you, don’t give up!

Dua: These are the most important times of your life! Your attitude during difficult times determine where you’ll go next. Cry, scream, laugh so loud others think you’re insane. These times are nurturing your ability to be resilient, brave and vulnerability. I believe in you! You can overcome anything you set your mind to.

The purpose you came onto this earth can only be fulfilled by you! How special is that?! Keep asking yourself what your purpose is, keep growing, free yourself to be yourself- I believe in you and I love you wholeheartedly.

Christian: I want to share that its all a part of life. Learning in school isn’t easy but its worth it. Take that same principle and double its worth when it comes to learning from the struggles in life.

Also in terms of encouragement, it can go a long way. Encouragement can do wonders when it happens. I know for myself I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didnt have a random stranger tell me that he believes in me so I strongly believe it can happen for any body else.


HTCS: And to end off, here are some last words from our school principal and a short video of the performance.

Mr Randy Mallory: The messages are so relevant and the team really struck a cord with our students. Their zest for life was truly infectious and many students both enjoyed, and are ‘educated’, by their performances. We’d like to give our thanks to the Live Different Team and also give our thanks to the agencies that brought them over to our school. We look forward to seeing them soon.

T-Wolves Triumphs At Basketball Tournament

Our Basketball team won a resounding victory over See-See-Wa-Hum High School in last Saturday’s Basketball Tournament on March 9, 2019. Our heartiest congratulations goes out to the team and everyone who assisted in making this possible.

” They won their second game in OT (over time). [It was an…] amazing game!” shared Mr Robin Stewart, the Team’s longtime General Manager and (for this trip) Bus-driver. He is also a teacher in Hector Thiboutot Community School.

“This victory certainly symbolizes the heights our students can achieve with determination, inspiration and a positive & healthy lifestyle. We hope they would continue to be good role-models for all to emulate,” shares Mr Randy Mallory, Principal.

Credits: Above screenshot from video taken by Mr Robin Stewart)

Here are the name of the students from the winning team who scored 100-92 in the Tournament:

Gaston McDonald

Raddick McGwire

Matt McDonald

Sonny Merasty

Logan Morin

Pierre Merasty

Tyrese Bear

Clae Daniels

Clarke Bridges

Corbin Bear

Kobe Ray

Last but not least, kudos also to Mr Aaron McCallum (Head Coach) for driving the team with his passion and inspiration and also to Mr Allen Traxel for coaching the students and giving them pointers from his vast experience.

We would like to also give our special thanks to Mr Ryley Bedard who lives in Prince Albert, a former player and HTCS alumnus, who took personal time to help coach at the games. May you continue to be an inspiration of dedication and volunteerism.