IMG_0054Our current school staff is very diverse. We have staff from PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, and various parts of Saskatchewan, as well as local staff that have helped make the transition to Sandy Bay a happy and easy one. A majority of our team has made Sandy Bay their home.

Our team is made up of administration, office admin, teachers, educational assistants, student support workers, caretakers, and a nutritional worker. They are as follows:

Principal: Randy Mallory

Middle Years and High School VP: Rosina Ray

Elementary VP: Sarah Wilson

Admin Assistant: Brenda Bear

Secretary: Linda Caisse

Pre-K: Janet Shinkewski

Kindergarten: Aleyna Morin

Grade 1A: Felicia Rideout

Grade 1B: Margaret Bear

Grade 2A: Diana Reid

Grade 2B: Ashley McClelland

Grade 3A: Karen Morin

Grade 3B: Brenna McDonald

Grade 4A: Norma Bear

Grade 4B: Twila Ross

Grade 5A: Amber Rannelli

Grade 5B: Bernard McPhee

Grade 6A: Devan Seltenrich

Grade 6B: Shannon Orr

Grade 7A: Tony Bear

Grade 7B: Alex Dobos

Grade 8A: Priscilla Bear

Grade 8B: Cathy Norman

Grade 9A: Nathan Ray

Grade 9B: Robin Stewart/David McClusky

Elementary Phys Ed: Eric Lewis

Elementary LNC: Jennifer Zinck

Elementary LNC: Hillary Patey


Middle Years/HS LNC: Rose Ann Bear

Middle Years/HS LNC: Bethany Speller

Resource Teacher: Quinn Nikulak

High School Staff:

Bridgette Langdon- HS English

Svitlana Tulchynska-HS Science and PAA

Abdul Khan-HS Mathematics

Robin Stewart-HS Art and Communications

Odean Thompson-HS Physical Education

David McClusky-HS Carpentry and Mechanics

Alex Zwicker-HS English and Social Studies

Student Support Workers:

Attendance: Mona Caribou

Attendance: Beverly McDonald

Social Worker: Linda McKay

Social Worker: Brenda Montgrand

Hallway Monitor & Aboriginal Support Liaison: Peter Ray

Career Transitions: Alex Zwicker

Caretaking and Facilities:

Kevin Morin

Brian Bear

Jody Caribou

Ralph McDonald