(Above: Hector Thiboutot Football Team 2018-19)

Hector Thiboutot Community School is a K-12 facility that staffs approximately 38 teachers and 20 paraprofessionals in the predominantly Woodlands Cree and Metis village of Sandy Bay.

Educating more than 500 students, the staff at Hector Thiboutot Community School is committed to excellence in programming for both instruction and extracurricular opportunities applied throughout the province of Saskatchewan. Hence, the school follows the provincial curriculum at all grade levels. We also place a heavy emphasis on literacy and numeracy education. Within a whole language context, phonemic awareness is instructed in grades K-3 primarily through animated literacy. Guided reading is a big part of the balanced ELA (English Language Arts) program from grades K-9. We also strive to provide a comprehensive set of ‘afterschool’ activities from Drum Performances, Beads-making and Bakery classes to Football and Basketball practices.

(Above: National Indigenous Peoples Day held in the School Football Field in 2018)

We are dedicated to embracing Cree/Indigenous culture and language. Our school offers Cree education with a dedicated Cree teacher and we are always working to be mindful of Indigenous culture & knowledge and to integrate them with our teaching and learning practices (see below excerpts on the Seven Sacred Teachings).

It is important that our students are provided diverse learning experiences and have ample opportunities to engage with the community and the environment. Hence our efforts towards shifting education from classroom-centered learning to land-based learning in the years to come.

(Above: Students at the end of the Drum-making Workshop. Ms Norma Bear (left, backrow) is the teacher facilitating the workshop.)

Our students are passionate about sports activities, events, and team-games. They are often found playing basketball, hockey, and baseball during lunch or break-times. We are also very proud of our students’ achievements in these area at the provincial level.

Above: we are also very happy to share that we have an in-house dental nurse (Ms Joanne Ray) to help provide essential dental services while promoting oral health education to our students.

We look to partner any organization that could help our students pursue their passions. For more information, you can call us at (306) 754-2139 or email us.