Literacy Carnival – 2019

On April 12, 2019, Hector Thiboutot Community School organized a full day Literacy Carnival for the elementary and middle schools.

“The event is created to engage students in language literacy in a fun and light-hearted way. It is great to show students how to have fun while learning. It is also an important life-skill as well in so many other areas of life,” says Ms Hillary Patey, Literacy and Numeracy Co-ordinator and also one of the main organizers for this event.

Event preparation took place more than a day ago with artwork and set up of booths by the staff as well as a grand total of 15 cakes specially baked and iced for the ‘cake-walk’ event. There was a ‘kissing’ booth (with Hershey’s Kisses – a chocolate confectionery) and a popcorn counter right in the main aisle of the school, classes dedicated as learning centers with hockey, hop-scotch and ping-pong ball games. Even the entire gymnasium was converted to a ‘carnival fairground’ with ‘bingo’ counters, hockey shoot-outs, basket ball courts and a corner devoted to a cake-walk/spelling bee hybrid.

Parents were invited to come along for the event to join hands with the school in encouraging literacy development in their children. We are happy to say more than the expected number of parents have shown up for this carnival.

“This is a good chance to inspire students to master literacy in a different environment — in an interactive way outside the confines of the classrooms. In this way, we hope to engage and motivate even more students in this area of education,” shares Ms Rose Ann Bear, Literacy and Numeracy Co-ordinator and also another main organizer for the carnival.

“Literacy is the backbone of further education and is such an important skill in almost every occupation. We will always continue to support every opportunity, such as this carnival, to ensure our students have the relevant skills and qualifications for gainful employment in the future,” says Mr Nathan Ray, Vice-Principal (Elementary School).

“This is also a good chance to see students, teachers, staff & parents partner together to help students become better in every aspect of education. We look forward to more such collaboration,” adds Mr Randy Mallory, Principal.

Watch some videos of the carnival here:

3A taking part in a Hopscotch – Word Puzzle
Cake-walk & Spelling Bee Hybrid Game in the Gymnasium

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