T-Wolves Triumphs At Basketball Tournament

Our Basketball team won a resounding victory over See-See-Wa-Hum High School in last Saturday’s Basketball Tournament on March 9, 2019. Our heartiest congratulations goes out to the team and everyone who assisted in making this possible.

” They won their second game in OT (over time). [It was an…] amazing game!” shared Mr Robin Stewart, the Team’s longtime General Manager and (for this trip) Bus-driver. He is also a teacher in Hector Thiboutot Community School.

“This victory certainly symbolizes the heights our students can achieve with determination, inspiration and a positive & healthy lifestyle. We hope they would continue to be good role-models for all to emulate,” shares Mr Randy Mallory, Principal.

Credits: Above screenshot from video taken by Mr Robin Stewart)

Here are the name of the students from the winning team who scored 100-92 in the Tournament:

Gaston McDonald

Raddick McGwire

Matt McDonald

Sonny Merasty

Logan Morin

Pierre Merasty

Tyrese Bear

Clae Daniels

Clarke Bridges

Corbin Bear

Kobe Ray

Last but not least, kudos also to Mr Aaron McCallum (Head Coach) for driving the team with his passion and inspiration and also to Mr Allen Traxel for coaching the students and giving them pointers from his vast experience.

We would like to also give our special thanks to Mr Ryley Bedard who lives in Prince Albert, a former player and HTCS alumnus, who took personal time to help coach at the games. May you continue to be an inspiration of dedication and volunteerism.

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