Health Fair with Red Cross, Health Services & Jordan’s Principle

A community that works together, stays together. March 7 2019 was just the day to emphasize that. We are happy to work with the Red Cross, Saskatchewan Health Services & Jordan’s Principle to host the Health Fair in Hector Thiboutot Community School’s gymnasium.

Bringing it all together was Ms Shannon McKay from the Health Centre with the aim of using the Health Fair to spread awareness of addictions, diabetes, safe sex and communicable diseases like HIV and Tuberculosis to our students.

Above: Grade 5 students (led by their Teacher, Mr Bernard Scott McPhee) inspecting a Health Booth in the Fair

It was also a good opportunity for Jordan’s Principle from Pelican Narrows to also share about their cause and drive to ensure that First Nations children have access all public services when they need them. Ms Angie Merasty (see below) provided an eloquent and compelling account of the death of five-year-old Jordan River Anderson as a result of bureaucratic red-tape between the institutions about the financial responsibility for his necessary home care. To know more about Jordan’s Principle (highly recommended), please click here.

Above: (From left) Mrs Shannon McKay from Sandy Bay Health Centre and Ms Angie Merasty (Jordan’s Principle Service Coordinator)

The Red Cross was also in Sandy Bay from March 5 to conduct First Aid and other emergency handling courses, which is so important to Northern Communities where the nearest hospital could be hours drive away. Ms Elaine Caswell (Red Cross Rep) shared that she was happy to be back in the village to share First Aid Knowledge with the indigenous community.

Above: Representatives from the Red Cross (from left): Ms Alicia McDermid, Ms Elaine Caswell, Mr John Halliday and Ms Lesley-Anne Morley

Above: Attractive Lucky Draw Prizes and Buffet spread

The positivity in the fair was palpable with a buffet filled with fruits and other wholesome treats and a Lucky Draw with attractive prizes.

Clearly, amongst the many things proven in this fair, learning about health and safety can be both be rewarding and fun. We certainly look forward to more meaningful events and collaborations like this happening in our community.

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