Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Reaches Out To Our Students

“We stand on guard for thee” so ends the National Anthem we sing every morning. But this afternoon, we finally met the folks who actually ‘stand on guard’ for Canada daily, come rain, shine or polar vortex.

We thank Sergeant Juli Nyiri and Master Corporal Adam Bruce for conducting an Outreach Program for our grade 10 students in the school library this afternoon.

It was a good session to hear about their experiences serving in peace-keeping missions around the world. It was also an invaluable opportunity to learn about our armed forces better and the career options and benefits open to our students.

For more information, especially if you weren’t able to make it for the presentation, please visit to find out what are the programs and career opportunities open to youths right now.

We look forward to counting at least one of our alumni amongst their ranks and so we can all rest assured that someone from our village will have a hand in always keeping the “True North strong and free”.

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