On Jan 17 evening, the Grey Cup 2013 Champions (and now members of the Red Cross) Spencer Moore and Scott McHenry, were stars again in the hearts and minds of Sandy Bay’s youths when they came to ‘tell it the way it is’ in a ‘make your own taco’ session in Hector Thiboutot Community School’s main gym.

The event was part of a Red Cross, Hector Thiboutot Community School and RCMP joint-effort towards ‘Bullying Prevention’ that was started from Jan 16 and concluded on Jan 17 evening.

Everyone had fun getting up close and personal with these positive role models while being inspired to reach greater heights in life.

Ms Elaine Caswell and Ms Kelsi Prince (members of the Red Cross), Mr Randy Mallory (the school principal) and several RCMPs were also present to serve the taco fillings to the long lines of students, parents and chaperons who turned up for this joyous occasion.

“You are so tall!” gushed a grade 3 student who was clearly astounded at the stature of Spencer and Scott.

Even though it was one of the coldest evenings in the Northern Village this winter season, everyone can agree that event organizers, volunteers and sponsors have warmed the hearts and strengthened the spirits of so many children and teenagers in Sandy Bay that evening.

We look forward to seeing a possible Grey Cup Champion hailing from Sandy Bay one day.

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